Cycling apparel

SubStitch produces the best quality, most comfortable and custom designed cycling jerseys in the country, at a very affordable rate. We also offer a full range of patterns to suit each individuals needs, from the weekend warrior through to the professional cyclist. 

SubStitch caters to individuals, teams, special events, venues and corporate companies alike. We do not have a minimum order quantity! You can order one shirt at a time.

Fully branded cycle shorts and bibs, with a selection of foam and gel pads will allow you to complete your look from top to bottom. All shorts and bibs come standard with a silicone gripper elastic around the leg area to prevent ride-up.  Pads come in Mens and Ladies Gel as well as Unisex Foam and Tri-Athlon. 

Cutom made branded padded cycle shorts front
Cutom made branded padded cycle shorts front
Cutom made branded padded cycle shorts front a
Cutom made branded padded cycle shorts rear a
Mens High Quality Gel Cycle Pad
Mens Gel
Ladies High Quality Gel Cycle Pad
Ladies Gel
Unisex High Quality Foam Pad
Unisex Foam
Unisex High Quality Tri-Athlon Pad
Unisex Tri-Athlon

There are thee different fabric options to choose from, including a completely functional moisture management fabric as pictured on the left. We offer Honeycomb, Drop Needle and Lycra options, depending on your requirements

Breathable panels are incorporated into the design and composition of our cycling jerseys, to offer maximum comfort and functionality. The breathable panels are made form either a Vent or Airflow fabric 

The collar construction can be altered to a full collar as pictured, or a Chinese style collar with tapered ends. There are also options of short, three-quarter and full zip to provide a selection on each individual preference 

Performance, functionality and comfort is vital for long duration athletes. SubStitch cycling jerseys serves every purpose in this regard with the finer details such as gripper elastic inside the waistband to keep it in place

Get the PERFECT fit the FIRST time! 

It all starts with the sizing chart indicator on the right –>

A general rule of thumb is to select one size larger than your t-shirt size. This is because of the smaller cut of a cycling jersey, designed to fit snug around your torso. If you prefer the snug fit, then the same size selection as your t-shirt will do just fine. 

Every manufacturer has different cut and some are loose, some snug and some tight. SubStitch patterns are based upon a snug fit, so if you are still unsure please contact us for more information.

Measurements indicated on the size chart may have some tolerances. 

Cycling Jersey Size Chart